The term Beveling refers to the technique of taking a heavy, thick paper and cutting the edges at a 45° angle. After determining the finished size, shape, substrate and thickness, our skilled craftsmen meticulously cut a bevel edge on each sheet. The corners can be left square or they can be rounded. A contoured bevel can be as ordinary as a circle, oval or geometric pattern. Or the contour can be ornate and elegant with curves, arcs and bends.

Once all edges have been beveled our craftsmen then examine each piece for accuracy and smoothness. Once the edges have been properly prepared you have the option of leaving the beveled edge plain (the natural color of the paper) or coloring the beveled edge.

Choosing the right paper on which to bevel depends on the final desired effect. The thicker the paper the more of the bevel will show. If an uncolored bevel edge is desired, there are many paper grades available. Most are solid color throughout so when the edge is beveled you have a uniform color on the beveled edge. Keep in mind the thicker the paper, the fewer options you have for printing on a substrate this heavy.

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