About Us

Saint Bede Abbey Press began to serve the public in 1945, fifty-five years after the founding of the Benedictine monastery of St. Bede and the school associated with it. Previously, it had been a graphic arts program in the basement of the abbey, intended to serve only the internal needs of producing the oblate newspaper, Our Family News. The Saint Bede Abbey Press has since become a well-known enterprise, helping to support the contemplative, monastic life of the community by providing businesses throughout the Illinois Valley with quality print products and services.

The present building in which Saint Bede Abbey Press is located was built in the spring of 1962 and opened later that fall. It is located on the grounds of Saint Bede Academy. After a successful direct-mail campaign that featured a four page black-and-white catalog of our products, the press acquired new equipment that greatly expanded its printing capabilities.

Throughout the history of the press, the monks of Saint Bede Abbey have played important roles in its activity, including areas of management, printing, design, distribution and marketing. Among the monks who have been instrumental in the success of Saint Bede Abbey Press from its earliest days were Fr. Ambrose Hessling, Fr. Stephen Souse , Br. George Matsuoka and Fr. Claude Peifer.

Today, Saint Bede Abbey Press offers an extensive range of commercial printing products and services, featuring our state-of-the-art presses and design. Specializing in Letterpress printing.   We also provide inspirational and religious cards for all seasons and for everyday occasions. With our current staff, we have well over 100 years of cumulative printing and design experience. We, at Saint Bede Abbey Press, have built our reputation on integrity, quality and good taste.

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